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cause [personal profile] zarhooie , myself and [ profile] avengingclaims have been having a fantastic discussion about insurance in Avengers.

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I've comitted fic again. Fun fic. fic without a huge plot and weekly deadlines that I may or may not make this week.

Title: no tragic backstory
Fandom: A MCU/616 fusion, because that the way we roll here.
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Rating: Teen, mostly to be on the safe side
Summary: Darcy doesn't have a tragic backstory. Kate thinks it's about time that someone in Clint's apartment doesn't have one.


I think I described this one to people as "I'm writing a Clint/Darcy, Kate Bishop/Sass fic that happens the morning after...". Fusion setting between MCU and 616.

Thank you to fuzzyfuzzysatan for beta-ing and reigning in my stream of babble.

Read at AO3


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it's slightly terrifying, but in a couple of months, we're moving. Into a real home. Our home. Offer's been expected, I've been emailing links to the husband so he can set up a home inspector.

I can't believe that there are people willing to give us money to buy a house. Oh sure, our credit is excellent (that would be my influence, by the way) and we've clawed out way out of the worst of our debt, and when we had to have 1.2k in car repair done over the past monthish, we didn't even touch our emergency fund (WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND). But it still feels like it will crash in on us.

But we're going to have a house. A house with hardwood floors, that didn't leak anywhere with the flooding over the past week, a masters suite that is just amazing. Sure, almost no yard, and sure, it's on a one way street, BUT STILL.



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I almost forgot to mention it here: I GOT THE PROMOTION.

It's strictly a paygrade promotion, since I was already working at the level the job is at. And I think the best part is that according to my supervisor, she was already getting things together to recommend me. I just sped it along because of my work.

We're also house-hunting and this makes that so much easier, knowing that starting in May, I'll have another hundred or so a month coming in.
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I did something very anxiety-ridden for me today. Like, I almost chickened out of doing it several times before I did -- because my heart was pounding and I got a massive headache and all sorts of crappy body reactions.

I asked my boss for a bump on the payscale level (at my job class, it goes 1-4, and I'm at 2, currently). I prepared -- I printed out the level 3 job description and bullet pointed under each item what I am already doing at that level. The list took up an entire page.

The beginning of the meeting was a lot about how well I'm doing, considering that I have a radically different workload than most people in the department, and I'm still a top producer in quality and quantity of work done. We  talked about how I chose what to work on, something we talked about last week and I gave more thought too during the next couple days.

She seemed very pleased by the initiative (and said so several times) and that there's a lot of potential there, and will come back to me with feedback. So that seems promising at least.

So, there's that. Even if I don't get it, it's still a big step for me. I don't ask for the things I want usually, I wait for others to notice my good work. And they have, but it's been with more work. But more responsibilities should also have other benefits. Like in the paycheck area.
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Fic: returns with love and time
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Length: 12.5k
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Discussion of Past Abuse
Summary: Clint doesn’t ask and she doesn’t say much. He’s smart and knows damage and trauma, can see the fault lines in her and where she’s been stitching herself back together. He doesn’t ask, and she doesn’t say. It’s working pretty well for them.

At AO3
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sharing a bed sex pollen soul bonding / soulmates wingfic fuck or die
poker/strip poker game night amnesia celebratory kiss au: neighbors
au: circus fusion FREE

kidfic road trip
handcuffed/bound together slavefic mind control au: fantasy immortality / reincarnation
huddle for warmth telepathy / mindmeld bodyswap accidental baby acquisition genderswap
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It finally happened. I committed insurance fic, finally. Directly inspired by my AINS 23 Commercial Insurance textbook.

Title: Insuring Agreement
Author: twistedingenue
Pairing: Clint/Coulson
Genre: AU
Beta: [personal profile] meinterrupted 
Laconic Summary: Coulson takes over his uncles Agency, and meets the business manager of Carson's Carnival of Traveling Wonders, Clint Barton

Read at AO3

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I just need to say, I started writing in MCU back in what? June/Julyish? And a insurance spoof was the first thing I had planned. And then, of course, I read about policies covering circus animals and it finally jolts into a clint/coulson insurance au.

I really should have written this to study, rather than waiting until after I passed my Commercial Insurance exam, because finally, things are sticking in my head.

I blame the unholy influences of [personal profile] zarhooie and [personal profile] meinterrupted.

Now I just have to finish writing the damn thing.

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I'm about ten pages into my commercial insurance book and study guide. That took me 45 minutes.

I may disappear from society completely until mid December, kay?


(by society, I obviously don't mean dance or internet, because that would be silly)

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Reasons Why My Husband is Actually Tony Stark (An Excerpt)Both depend on a piece of of technology to live. In this case, an insulin pumpTheir best qualities are undoubtedly their unbridled modesty and humilityEach has a woman they do not deserve that makes sure they function in daily lifeHe really did once build a suit of armor out of a box of scraps

Reasons Why My Husband is Actually Tony Stark (An Excerpt)

  • Both depend on a piece of of technology to live. In this case, an insulin pump
  • Their best qualities are undoubtedly their unbridled modesty and humility
  • Each has a woman they do not deserve that makes sure they function in daily life
  • He really did once build a suit of armor out of a box of scraps
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I'm pretty sure you know you've made it in fandom when someone (either on purpose or not) rips off your fic.

I'm more amused than anything. I just wish it had been good so I could have enjoyed the differences.
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Run 300-500 person events for Belegarth: wait days for responses from people, when you WANT TO GIVE THEM MONEY.

Run a 29 person fic exchange: RESPONSE IMMEDIATELY SENT BACK.

Fandom > Fighting.
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[personal profile] goingonfacebook [personal profile] goingonfacebook [personal profile] goingonfacebook
FAQs, Rules, and Dates
Signup through August 12th

(also known as, I make one comment and suddenly, I'm running a fic exchange)
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That I may indeed, be a secret agent.

Here's why:

  • I have Handlers
  • I talk to special investigations
  • I am working with large amounts of data and discerning patterns and faults
  • long hours of boredom and minutes of excitement.
  • My word is boring and tedious but actually fascinating.
Of course, I'd have to be a secret insurance agent, but still....secret agent.

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Title: say it aloud (break the night into the day)
Author: twisted ingenue
Fandom: Marvel Movie-verse
Rating: Ends up explicit.
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Warnings: None
Word Count: 9,900
Summary: Darcy Lewis has a very specific skill set, it mostly has to do with looking and acting like a college student. Clint does not approve of her missions shenanigans.

Notes: Written for the Darcy Lewis prompt week on tumblr.

Read on AO3
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Friday was seriously, seriously slow at work. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that every person, nation-wide, took the day off. I only took calls from a couple Jewelery Stores. So I wrote down headcanons for Darcy.

Title: 5 Things About Darcy Lewis's Illustrious College Career
Rating: Teen, but mostly because it's college and talks about tits and booze.
Summary: It isn't that Darcy doesn’t like the hard sciences, that’s not why she ended up short during her senior year and didn’t graduate on time.

Link to AO3


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I did a thing. It’s a Clint/Darcy thing.

Title: the coming storm is gonna be a crazy ride
Fandom: Avengers movie verse
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Rating: Teen
Summary: Darcy manages to actually graduate, and things go downhill from there. There being crossing the stage. That’s when it starts sucking.
Words: in total, over 25k over 7 parts.

On AO3


The first time Dr Foster was relocated, SHIELD considered it a good idea to move anyone else associated with her project as well. So Darcy went with her. New Mexico was getting hot and boring, and when she finally learned why she was being moved, she was more than okay with it. Same with the second move to Chicago and a setup in Fermilab. She saw buffalo herds and went hiking and all was pretty good.

After the third time, she was told just go back to school and finish up her degree, and that separation probably would help her not to be a target herself. School is quiet, although she can occasionally see a uniform here and there, and her advisor is legitimately freaked out of his mind when she turns in her internship assignment and half of it is blacked out as classified.

“They just do not pay me enough to read both astrophysics and Nordic Gods in the same paper, Darcy, and that’s just what I am allowed to read,” he says before reviewing her schedule for her last semester, approving her override for International Conflicts and Security. She thinks that after her internship, she should take a break from inter-realm conflicts and focus on the ones on this planet instead.

Darcy’s only regret is that her ipod was returned wiped.


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My move proceeds apace. Our truck and trailer connection keeps flaking on us, so we are finding alternative means to get the furniture out of the house. We should have it out by Sunday, no matter what. Then it's just odds and ends and finding storage for Wolfpack items.

Of course, the first thing that we did today was get the internet set up. We've decided to forgo cable again, after reading the fine print we realized that we don't wanna pay almost $100 a month so that we can get the three channels we might watch. I'm okay with being a season behind, or watching some things online. Philip won't like it when he visits, but he can deal. The internet is lovely. We did have to buy a new router, but now it is shiny and pretty and well-designed. And a decent price.

One bookshelf set up in the office, so that we could get some of the books on it to get at the boxes, so we could keep packing. I'm not tackling the closet until the bed is out and I can sort with a lot of space. I want to throw out a lot of things.

In other news, I've been playing with re-writing Sing Nothing But Sky, the massive rewrite of a high school round robin that has eaten my brain for over ten years now, as an audio drama for Made of Fail. I've written the first first draft of the first episode, and have ideas for a teaser episode to give background humorously. The format is very different for me, so I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of editing once I have a little more distance.

I also have roughly 6k of Clint/Darcy fic (if you can't ship people that have never met in canon, you aren't trying hard enough), which is new for me. I even have a rough idea of where I'm going and what has to happen to get there! I haven't written fic in ages. Also, I'm loving just how widely I'm reading in avenger fandom. As long as it's good, or at least has roombas, I'm happy to read it.

And insurance!fic will happen once I unpack my AINS books to get the format of the case studies.
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I shouldn't pack my books. I get an urge for poetry just after I have packed up my poetry books.

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