Mar. 26th, 2013

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I did something very anxiety-ridden for me today. Like, I almost chickened out of doing it several times before I did -- because my heart was pounding and I got a massive headache and all sorts of crappy body reactions.

I asked my boss for a bump on the payscale level (at my job class, it goes 1-4, and I'm at 2, currently). I prepared -- I printed out the level 3 job description and bullet pointed under each item what I am already doing at that level. The list took up an entire page.

The beginning of the meeting was a lot about how well I'm doing, considering that I have a radically different workload than most people in the department, and I'm still a top producer in quality and quantity of work done. We  talked about how I chose what to work on, something we talked about last week and I gave more thought too during the next couple days.

She seemed very pleased by the initiative (and said so several times) and that there's a lot of potential there, and will come back to me with feedback. So that seems promising at least.

So, there's that. Even if I don't get it, it's still a big step for me. I don't ask for the things I want usually, I wait for others to notice my good work. And they have, but it's been with more work. But more responsibilities should also have other benefits. Like in the paycheck area.


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