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it's slightly terrifying, but in a couple of months, we're moving. Into a real home. Our home. Offer's been expected, I've been emailing links to the husband so he can set up a home inspector.

I can't believe that there are people willing to give us money to buy a house. Oh sure, our credit is excellent (that would be my influence, by the way) and we've clawed out way out of the worst of our debt, and when we had to have 1.2k in car repair done over the past monthish, we didn't even touch our emergency fund (WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND). But it still feels like it will crash in on us.

But we're going to have a house. A house with hardwood floors, that didn't leak anywhere with the flooding over the past week, a masters suite that is just amazing. Sure, almost no yard, and sure, it's on a one way street, BUT STILL.



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Congrats! Hope to join you on home-ownership in the next 6 months.
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congrats! Isn't it AMAZING!?!
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\o/ I think I've already said this but: congrats!!!