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Avengers-verse Fic: The coming storm is gonna be a crazy ride

I did a thing. It’s a Clint/Darcy thing.

Title: the coming storm is gonna be a crazy ride
Fandom: Avengers movie verse
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Rating: Teen
Summary: Darcy manages to actually graduate, and things go downhill from there. There being crossing the stage. That’s when it starts sucking.
Words: in total, over 25k over 7 parts.

On AO3


The first time Dr Foster was relocated, SHIELD considered it a good idea to move anyone else associated with her project as well. So Darcy went with her. New Mexico was getting hot and boring, and when she finally learned why she was being moved, she was more than okay with it. Same with the second move to Chicago and a setup in Fermilab. She saw buffalo herds and went hiking and all was pretty good.

After the third time, she was told just go back to school and finish up her degree, and that separation probably would help her not to be a target herself. School is quiet, although she can occasionally see a uniform here and there, and her advisor is legitimately freaked out of his mind when she turns in her internship assignment and half of it is blacked out as classified.

“They just do not pay me enough to read both astrophysics and Nordic Gods in the same paper, Darcy, and that’s just what I am allowed to read,” he says before reviewing her schedule for her last semester, approving her override for International Conflicts and Security. She thinks that after her internship, she should take a break from inter-realm conflicts and focus on the ones on this planet instead.

Darcy’s only regret is that her ipod was returned wiped.