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twistedingenue ([personal profile] nuri) wrote2013-05-22 10:15 pm

fic: (mcu, 616 fusion) no tragic backstory Clint/Darcy, Kate Bishop

I've comitted fic again. Fun fic. fic without a huge plot and weekly deadlines that I may or may not make this week.

Title: no tragic backstory
Fandom: A MCU/616 fusion, because that the way we roll here.
Pairing: Clint/Darcy
Rating: Teen, mostly to be on the safe side
Summary: Darcy doesn't have a tragic backstory. Kate thinks it's about time that someone in Clint's apartment doesn't have one.


I think I described this one to people as "I'm writing a Clint/Darcy, Kate Bishop/Sass fic that happens the morning after...". Fusion setting between MCU and 616.

Thank you to fuzzyfuzzysatan for beta-ing and reigning in my stream of babble.

Read at AO3