Jun. 7th, 2012

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I was inundated today by people telling me to get cupcakes, and it tiffed me off. After a few months of my medication not seeming to work, it's coming back like a miracle. A real champ. I can focus through almost my entire work day, and I think soon I'll just need a short recharge period for after work.

It's wonderful and I'm so happy.

I'm also not hungry, and it's the best worst side effect ever. The best - it's great to kick start weight loss, I suppose. The worst though, is being frustrated at every meal when you start hungry but a few bites in and you are ready to be done. Nothing like eating for calories instead of health.

But here's the strange thing. I can tell that I should be hungry. Like, my body is sending half-signals, like a grind in my stomach, saying feed me. Food however, sounds like a horrible trial. Cooking? Ugh. Heating? Ugh. Fork to mouth? Terrifying. Decrease in appetite comes in strange forms, for me, it's almost like an active disinterest. I should be hungry, but finishing that bagel at breakfast is just too damn difficult.

Also, it's hilarious that the husband still expects me to make dinner. Or that for dinner last night we went and got mexican, which I don't like to begin with.

And having to explain why no, I don't want to go downstairs and get a free cupcake before I attempt to eat my lunch (leftover pork roast, a package of steamed veggies. Delicious, healthy, and the first vegetables I've had since Sunday) several times to well-meaning co-workers sucks. There's no reason to be upset at them for saying I should get some.

...but can I just be spared from "That's fantastic! I wish I was on that medication!" out of every woman's lips? Thank you.


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